Welcome to the Granite Group Team Gear site!

The TGG Team Gear site is your one-stop shop for Granite Group approved apparel and premium items! Explore the site to find a variety of items including customizable t-shirts, professional and casual apparel, and name brands such as Under Armour, Nike and Carhartt. Those of you with uniforms can now choose your own items in our uniform section of the store!

How does it work? Shop around and place your order! Your order, along with other TGG Gear orders, are compiled and batched on a weekly basis and sent to our production team for embellishment. All completed orders are delivered to the Hooksett, NH branch and are then transferred to your branch so you never have to pay for shipping! Most orders ship within 10-14 working days after being batched! It’s that easy.

The TGG Team Gear site currently accepts TGG credit, coupons, or credit cards.

Have questions or recommendations? Need to pay by check? Have some amazing feedback for us? Contact Brandit Marketing Solutions at 603-645-2500 between the hours 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Not a fan of the phone or too busy to call us? Feel free to email us at instead.

Thank you & happy shopping!